Peace Of Mind Service Pricing

  • System Malware Prevention
  • $6.99

    1 Month
    • Proactive 24/7 Virus & Spyware Prevention
    • Prevents Infections before Sensitive Data Is Compromised
    • Monthly Reporting Shows Protection History
    • Group Policy Daily Checks
    • 24/7 Hardware Monitoring
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  • Web Intrusion Prevention
  • $6.99

    1 Month
    • 24/7 Intrusion Prevention & Traffic Monitoring
    • Monthly Report shows protection history
    • Encryption Blocks us from seeing what You browse
    • Web & PC Firewall
    • Blocks Phising and Fake sites
    • Protects your Passwords
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  • Unlimited Tech Support
  • $7.99

    1 Month
    • 24/7 Remote Tech support
    • Instant Remote Support
    • 95% of issues can be resolved remotely
    • No matter how long it takes, it's included
    • If on‑site is required, mileage fee will be included (.$50/mile).
    • Have a question? - we have an answer!
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  • Add Daily Cloud Backup
  • + $15.00

    1 month
    • Unlimited Storage Space
    • Secure Cloud Backup
    • 99.9% Up-Time
    • Fully Redundant Architexture
    • We'll Restore Your PC Back To Any Point In Time
    • Data Easily Restored To A New Computer
    • Disaster Recovery Protection
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Additional Features For Peace Of Mind Services

We've included some additional information about our Peace of Mind Services

Our Backup Solution helps ensure you never have to worry about your data again.  Daily Automatic Backups are sent off-site to our servers.  If at any point your computer encounters issues or if something important is accidentally deleted, your data can be restored easily and quickly.  A Backup Status message is sent everyday once backup completes successfully.  If for some reason your backup does not complete, then our technicians will Pro-Actively work to resolve the problem.  Our technicians install & monitor everything for you, so you don't have to worry about managing anything.


For the techies out there: 

  • Data is mirrored on two servers in two separate data centers.  
  • Each server has dual power supplies.  
  • Each server is setup in a raid 6 formation that allows up to 2 drive failures before data loss occurs.
  • The servers are monitored 24/7 and alerts are automatically sent to the on-call representative as soon as an error is detected.  

Most Virus Protection systems such as AVG, Norton, McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials, etc. are "reactive" virus protection services.  These solutions have to detect a virus on another system, build an update for that virus, then send it out to their customers.  A few questions come to mind for reactive protection: how long was the virus there?  What data did it alreadycompromise?  How long did it sit there before the scan took place and found it?  You shouldn't have to worry about your data being compromised.  Our Pro Active Monitoring Solution prevents any  “living” viruses on your machine by monitoring your files 24/7.  Our databases get updates pushed out daily.  Don't ever worry about your data being compromised again! 

Watch Our Peace Of Mind Service Explanation Video to Learn More!


Spyware is becoming a common issue.  As technology increases, so do the tools hackers use, to get behind websites, in order to download spyware onto your PC.  Even heavy name brands that boast "high security" like Google, Facebook, & Sony, have been known to transfer malware.  Our "Pro-Active Malware Monitoring" Solution provides 24/7 Web Monitoring & Intrusion Protection.  When malware tries to get through, our Pro-Active solution firewalls it off and notifies a technician of the attempted intrusion.  Our technicians will then remotely run a background scan to ensure all firewalls are intact and your system is crystal clean.  Don't let your personal and corporate data fall into the wrong hands!


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